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CERT Resources

There is an increasing number of CERT trained volunteers in the City of Lomita. On the right there is a map showing the location of Lomita CERT volunteers (in green) and certified Ham Radio operators (in red). By clicking on the map you can see a clearer and more detailed image of the location of these CERT resources. If you are a trained CERT volunteer or Ham Radio operator and you do not see your location on the map please inform us so the map can be updated.

In the event of a disaster volunteers will coordinate initial emergency response efforts in their neighborhoods and will support professional Emergency personnel as required. In some CERT chapters volunteers meet at a given staging point and fan out from there. At present the Lomita CERT group does not have this policy, volunteers will focus on the needs of their immediate area. However, if needed, Lomita volunteers will be part of the Incident Command System (ICS) and will follow the orders of the designated Incident Commander if called upon to do so. They will also be available to other communities should incidents local to those communities occur.

CERT SubCommittee

Lomita CERT planning and preparation is under the auspices of the CERT Subcommittee which is a subcommittee of the Lomita City Council. The subcommittee is composed of council members and citizen volunteers. The subcommittee meets several times a year to further the goals and preparedness of Lomita CERT.

Members of the subcommittee and volunteers together with their primary responsibilities are as follows:

Henry Sanchez

Subcommittee Chair

If you can provide any help or support in any of these areas or would like to raise a specific issue concerning Lomita CERT please contact us via the "Contact Us" webpage.



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