September 12, 2013
Contact: Gary Sugano, Assistant City Manager
310-325-7110, x121

In early April 2013, the City began distribution of blended water (a combination of local groundwater from Well No. 5 and imported water from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). The CWPF has been running smoothly since that time and we are currently at approximately 37% treated well water and 63% imported water.  Approximately 80% of the City is within Zone 1 and receives this treated blended water.

There are 3 main reasons why it is important for the City to have its own dedicated water source from local groundwater.

  • It will help stabilize the City’s water rates by having level operational costs rather than being subject to imported water rate increases from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD).
  • It will allow the City to have a dedicated emergency water supply.
  • Reliability from an imported water source such as MWD is not guaranteed.  MWD receives its water from the State Water Project (Northern California) and the Colorado River.  In the future, it is quite possible that water from these sources to the entire Southern California region will be reduced. Utilizing groundwater locally will reduce the City’s reliance on this imported water source.

Water Quality Concerns Received August 2013

During the month of August, the City received only three water quality complaints.

The Use of Chemical Additives in Water Treatment

It is quite common for water agencies to utilize chemical additives in order to purify water.  The City uses food grade polyphosphates to purify our water. The Metropolitan Water District has five water treatment plants throughout Southern California that deliver up to 2,640 million gallons of treated water per day.

State Oversight

The State Department of Public Health regulates all water agencies in California and also grants approval for operational plans to be able to distribute water.  The City has an approved permit from the State to operate the CWPF and distribute water to our customers.

Taste and Odor

We believe a great majority of our residents are satisfied with the City’s water as evidenced by the limited number of water quality complaints. We encourage the City’s water customers to stay updated on this issue. The City will also be providing future updates on the City’s website at:

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