Summary of Zones

Here is a summary of land use zones for the City of Lomita.
Zone Type Intent and Purpose
A-1 Agricultural/Non-Commercial One House and Accessory Uses on a lot, farm pets allowed on lots greater than 9,500 square feet
R-1 Single-Family Residential One House and Accessory Uses on a lot
R-V-D Residential Variable Density Multiple-Residential Building and Accessory Uses on a lot
C-P-D Commercial Planned Development Residential uses are the same as A-1 and R-1 except that each lot shall be minimum 10,000 square feet and have 75 feet frontage Authorized commercial uses are determined by the Planning Commission and require a Conditional Use Permit
C-S-P Commercial, Service, and Professional To provide for the development of certain business and professional offices, services, and related uses Examples: banks, clinics, offices
C-N Commercial, Neighborhood Same as C-S-P To provide for restricted neighborhood commercial needs Examples: local stores, cleaners, laundromats
C-G Commercial, General Same as C-S-P and C-N To provide for intensive commercial activities and specialized service establishments Examples: bakery, auto sales, printers
C-R Commercial, Retail To provide for retail sales activities and limited service establishments along Pacific Coast Highway Examples: hotels,restaurants,retail stores
M-C Light Manufacturing/Commercial To provide for a wide variety and complexity of specialized uses and public service facilities with consideration of adjacent zones Examples: equipment rental, lumber yard
For details, exceptions, and other requirements, contact the City of Lomita Community Development Department at 310-325-7110, extension 122.