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Community Development

The Community Development Department consists of the Planning, Code Enforcement, Economic Development and GIS Divisions.

General Information
Annual Progress Report on the General Plan 2010
Census/Demographic Information
General Demographic Characteristics
Selected Social Characteristics
Selected Economic Characteristics
Selected Housing Characteristics
Population Data
How to file a complaint against a community care facility
These include child care facilities, adult day programs, adult residential facilities including residential care facilities for the elderly and children's residential facilities including group homes and foster homes (from the State of California, Department of Social Services Website).

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Ponte Vista Project
Standard Plans for Public Works Construction

Tools for Small Businesses

Planning Commission Meeting Archives
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Planning Review Process
Planning Review Process

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Guidelines for Banner Signs
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Guidelines for Portable Signs in the Downtown Commercial Zone

Online Planning Documents and Maps
Lomita from Space
General Plan
Title Page and table of contents (download size: 400KB)
Introduction to the General Plan (342KB)
Land Use Element (2.2MB)
Circulation Element (1.7MB)
Housing Element (567KB)
Resource Management Element (2.8MB)
Safety Element (4.6MB)
Noise Element (2.9MB)
Economic Development Element (2.1MB)
Implementation Element (3.0MB)
General Plan Map
Zoning Map
Summary of Zones

Community Development Department Staff

Name Title Phone
E-Mail Address
Gary SuganoAssistant City Managerx121
Charles Felix Special Projects Coordinator/IT Manager x149
Alicia Heideman Principal Planner x122
Mike McDanielGIS Coordinator ---
Christine Ortiz Sr. Neighborhood Preservation Officer x120
Laura Vander Neut Planning Technician/Neighborhood Preservation Officer x156
Julia Schroder Planning Secretary x111
Vacant Planning Intern

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission consists of 7 members appointed by City Council. The Planning Division serves as staff to the Commission and prepares staff reports regarding various development applications that require Commission review. The Planning Commission meets on the second Monday each month at 7:00 PM in City Hall. Meetings are open to the public, and agendas are available in the City Hall lobby.

Name Title
Michael Savidan Planning Commissioner, Chair
Maureen Kaneen Planning Commissioner, Vice Chair
Dan Jones Planning Commissioner
Efren Servino Planning Commissioner
Henry Sanchez Planning Commissioner
Augustine Hermenegildo Planning Commissioner
Monica Dever Planning Commissioner

The Planning Division provides information and assistance to the public on the City's planning process and development requirements, conducts land use and zoning, environmental, and design review of all development applications, ensures quality development and consistency with the City's codes and policies, and staffs and advises the Planning Commission. In addition, the Planning Division is responsible for maintenance of the City's General Plan and Zoning Ordinance. The GIS Division is also part of the Community Development Department and provides cartography related services and maintains the City's maps including the General Plan and Zoning Maps.

Code Enforcement
The Community Enforcement Division enforces the zoning, graffiti, signage and business license ordinances and regulations. Code enforcement staff also coordinates the City's activities with the health, animal control, building rehabilitation, police and fire suppression agencies. The Community Services Officer organizes the City and volunteer efforts at improving property maintenance.
Public inquires or comments about any of the above can be directed to Christine Ortiz, Senior Neighborhood Preservation Officer at 310-325-7110, extension 120. In cases where a citizen wishes to notify the department about a potential code violation, a written statement is needed to commence enforcement actions. Of course, in emergency situations one should call the Sheriff's Department or the Fire Department at 911. Calls to this department about possible violations are kept confidential and files are not released to the public unless required by the judicial court.
Citizens should direct calls about potholes, other street or sidewalk maintenance matters, City parkway trees, and City signs to the Public Works Department at 310-325-9830. Complaints about parking or traffic matters on public streets are handled by Parking Services at 310-325-7110 extension 132.

Economic Development
The Economic Development Division provides business retention assistance and supplements the Chamber of Commerce efforts at business attraction. New business operators can contact this division for help in locating financing, writing a business plan and obtaining licenses or local government agency approvals. Inquiries should be directed to Charles Felix, Special Projects Coordinator at 310-325-7110 extension 149.
South Bay Economic Development Partnership
The South Bay Economic Development Partnership is a not-for-profit collaboration of businesses, government, academia, and labor organized to enhance and maintain the economy and quality of life of the South Bay of Los Angeles County.