Payment of Parking Citations
Payments for parking citations are NOT ACCEPTED at City Hall. Please pay for your citation using one of the following three methods:

City of Lomita
C/O citation Processing Center
P.O. Box 10479
Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479

Request for Administrative Appeal
Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 40215(a), you have 21 days from the violation date or 14 days from the mailing date of the delinquent notice of parking violation to submit a request for an administrative appeal. The owner or lessee of the vehicle may submit a written appeal online at or mail your appeal with any supporting documents (i.e. receipts, pictures, etc.) to the address as noted above. If submitting your appeal via email, please make sure to include your citation number. Your payment or appeal request must be received within 21 days of the citation date. Submitted documents will not be returned.

Inquires can be made by calling (800) 989-2058

Administrative Investigation Request Form

Do not mail or hand deliver payments to City Hall.