As a result of heavy rains on January 22, 2017 several streets north of the Rolling Hills Country Club (RHCC) development site experienced flooding and mudflow.  Although the project is in the City of Rolling Hills Estates, many of the residents affected are residents of Lomita.  For this reason, the City of Lomita held a community meeting on February 27, 2017 in order to open the lines of communication between impacted residents, RHCC and the site’s developer Chadmar Group, as well as the City of Rolling Hills Estates.

This page is intended to be a central source of information for impacted residents.  As additional information and resources are gathered, including future meeting dates as necessary, it will be posted here.

UPDATE – Drop-In Meetings with Insurance Adjustors Scheduled for April 6

The City has been working with the Rolling Hills Country Club, the Chadmar Group, their insurance companies and the County’s Building and Safety teams to expedite permitting and other repair processes as much as possible.  Having said that, at our last meeting, many of you expressed a desire to meet with someone face to face to help guide you through the claims process and provide advice on how to speed up processing of your claims.  In order to facilitate this process, the City has arranged for claims adjustors from the insurance company to be available to meet individually with residents who have claims.

Adjustors will be available on Thursday, April 6, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Upstairs Assembly Room of Lomita City Hall to discuss specific claims with those residents who have been affected.  Residents who have pending claims will be able to drop by at any time between those hours to meet with an adjustor individually if they so choose.  Please note that in order to expedite these claims and maintain confidentiality in the process, this opportunity is for residents that have claims only.  Adjustors will only be available to discuss individual claims and will not be discussing details of the project or construction.  Also, due to confidentiality restrictions, in instances where there may be separate claims for property owners and for tenants, the adjustors will not be able to discuss property claims with anyone other than the property owner, or tenant claims with anyone other than tenants.

City of Lomita, (310) 325-7110
City of Rolling Hills Estates, (310) 377-1577
Representative for RHCC/Chadmar, Tom DiPrima, (909) 322-8352, E-Mail  Tdiprima@chadmar.com

Community Meeting Powerpoint Presentation (2-27-17)
Insurance Contacts