As the economy recovers Lomita is holding steady on sales and property tax revenues, the largest of the City's revenue sources.  The City has made some major structural changes to the budget over the last year.  Most notably, the City was able to consolidate functions by deleting the Community Services Department and shifting those responsibilities to other city departments.  The City continues to run a lean operation with 43 full-time employees within the departments of Administrative Services, Community Development, Parks and Recreation and Public Works.   

Responsibilities of the City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and carries out the policies enacted by the City Council and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the City government. Specific duties include preparing an annual budget for the City Council, serving as the Emergency Operations Director, and serving as the Personnel Officer.   

The City Manager also oversees all City departments and divisions which include: Administrative Services (finance, human resources), City Clerk (agenda and minutes preparation, elections and record keeping) Community Development (planning, code enforcement, housing, CDBG and traffic engineering), General Administration (City Clerk's office, business license, parking enforcement, crossing guards and water utility billing) Public Works, and Parks and Recreation. The City Manager is also responsible for managing the contract services with the LA County Sheriff's Department.