City Hall Hours of Operation

CITY HALL MAIN LINE: 310-325-7110
General Administration Community Development
Business License      
Water Utility Billing x139 Code Enforcement/Graffiti x156
Council & Commission Information x113 HUD & CDBG Programs; Film & Special Event Permits   X119
Dial-A-Ride x102 Planning x120
Election Information x113 Community and Economic Development Director x122
Parking Citations x151    
Water Utility Billing x139    
Webmastercode x121    
Public Works
Permit Submittals   x170
Sidewalk, Curb Repairs, Street, Tree & Water Maintenance x155
Traffic-related Concerns x155
Information about Electrical Outages    
Report a streetlight out   x155
After hours Water Emergency   310.597.6428
After hours Street/Tree Emergency   310.597.6429
After hours Park Emergency   310.597.6430
Parks & Recreation  310.326.0140 Administrative Department (Finance) 310.325.7110, x144
Adult League Programs Accounts Payable
Registration & Programs Human Resources

General Administration – (City Clerk, Administration, Dial-A-Ride, Housing, CDBG, and Parking Citations and Utility Billing)

Title Phone
Ryan Smoot City Manager     310.325.7110
Gary Sugano Assistant City Manager 310.325.7110 x121
Kathleen Horn Gregory City Clerk 310.325.7110 x113
Lina Hernandez Management Analyst 310.325.7110x151
Deborah Dixon      HR Analyst   310.325.7110x144
Linda Abbott    Deputy City Clerk/Executive Assistant   310.325.7110.141
Daniella Contreras Administrative Analyst 310.325.7110 x 119
Lety Paz Administrative Clerk III (Dial-A-Ride, Parking Citations & Business License) 310.325.7110 x102

Parks and Recreation Division – Recreation, Adult and Youth League Programs, FacilitiesBuilding and Grounds Maintenance, Railroad Museum and Special Events

Title Phone
Mike Sansbury Recreation and Facilities Manager 310.326.0140
Joe Vida Management Analyst 310.326.0140
Emma Kelley Recreation Manager 310.326.0140
Hunter Edwards  Recreation Supervisor 310.326.0140
Cece Villa Recreation Clerk 310.326.0140
Maria McCormack Maintenance Worker II 310.326.0140
Pio Nunez Maintenance Worker I 310.326.0140

Administrative Services Department – Budget, Accounts Payable, Business License, Water Billing, Human Resources  

Susan Kamada
Administrative Services Director  310.325.7110 x127
Erika Reyes Senior Accountant  310.325.7110 x123
Yvette Sansbury Finance Supervisor (Accounts Payable) 310.325.7110 x 153
Martha Harris Administrative Clerk III (Business License/Utility Billing) 310.325.7110 x139
Jessica Luy Junior Accountant 310.325.7110 x 152
Maria Matesic Account Clerk 310.325.7110 x 137

Community Development Department - Planning, Code Enforcement and Economic Development, Film Permits and Animal Control

Title Phone
Greg Kapovich Community and Economic Development Director. 310.325.7110 x 122
Sheri Repp-Loadsman  Contract Planner 310.325.7110
Laura MacMorran   Assistant Planner 310.325.7110 x 120
Hunter Edwards Neighborhood Preservation Officer (Code Enforcement) 310.325.7110 x 156
Vacant Planning Secretary 310.325.7110 x 111
Vacant Planning Intern 310.325.7110 x 150




Public Works Department – Parks, Sidewalk, Street, Tree & Water Maintenance

Title Phone
Carla Dillon Public Works Director/City Engineer  310.325.7110 x 124
Rachel Bucklew Administrative Analyst 310.325.7110 x 155
Mondher Saied Senior Civil Engineer 310.325.7110 x 110
Bert Doble Assistant Engineer 310.325.7110 x 170
Vacant Engineering Intern 310.325.7110 x 117
Brent Comeaux  PW Superintendent (Streets/Trees/Parks) 310.325.7110 x 314
Vacant Lead Worker – Parks  
Jorge Calderon Maintenance Worker P/T - Parks  
Angel Castillo Maintenance Worker I - Parks  
Rafael Mendoza Maintenance Worker II – Parks  
Manny Rodriguez Maintenance Worker II - Parks  
Jose Mendoza Lead Worker - Street/Trees  
Carlos Bobadilla Maintenance Worker III – Street/Trees  
Jason Filbern Maintenance Worker I – Street/Trees  
Johnathan Jimenez Maintenance Worker I – Street/Trees  
Mark Andersen Chief Water Operations Manager 310.325.7110 x 310
Octavio Becerra Water Services Tech I - Water  
David Huerta Water Services Tech I – Water  
Patrick McCue Treatment Operator - Water  
Justin Nguyen Water Services Tech I – Water  
Michael Stoltz Maintenance Worker III - Water